The Summary

Use of ICT in Mathematics Education in Singapore: Review of Research

(NG Wee Leng and LEONG Yew Hoong)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) generally refers to digital devices that are used to store, process, and communicate information. There are two phases of information technology (IT), the first phase of IT master plan (MP1) was from 1997 to 2002 and the second phase of the master plan (MP2) is ongoing at the time of writing this article. Since the implementation of MP1, there has been a steady increase in the number of studies on the use of ICT in the teaching and learning of mathematics in Singapore classrooms. This is the list that shows the broad agendas which most local research directions are channeled towards

  1. ICT-use as a “better” way for teaching mathematics; how mathematics teaching can be “better” with the aid of particular features of relevant software when they are suitably harnessed. The common emphasis in these studies is the aspects of ICT that a teacher can use to enhance the teaching of certain topics or ideas in mathematics.
  2. ICT-use as a “better” way for learning mathematics;
  3. ICT-use in relation to other factors in the instructional environment; high quality professional development focusing on what the teachers need helps to increase teachers’ confidence in utilizing ICT in the classroom.

There is great potential for research in ICT implementation in actual classroom. It is when ICT use is examined together with, not separately from, other classroom demands that a sufficiently in-depth understanding of the complexity of teaching can be realized. Although further study of the impact of different ICT tools and approaches on teaching and learning in both cognitive and affective domains may be investigated, it is virtually impossible to cover every facet of the field exhaustively. As educational professionals continue to pioneer new research and delve into variations of current research, teachers themselves need to take the initiative to discover what is appropriate for their students.


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